What Are the Best Websites that Help with Investing in the Stock Market?

Since a lot of people are looking for information on the best investment sites out there, we are going to write a short article about this interesting topic.


Investopedia is a website dedicated to provide useful data for those seeking information on investing and related topics. The website was created in 1999 and is now part of IAC. The website also features a trading simulator, market analysis and personal finance information. In addition, investors can get training materials for their exams, trading strategies and a financial dictionary. This website will give you plain English definitions of terms that are sometimes difficult to understand. The site is home to thousands of posts, finance tutorials and dictionary entries covering almost all aspects of the finance and investment worlds.


Barron’s is a weekly newspaper offering information on finance, relevant statistics and market development. Each week you will get a wrap-up of the market activity of the previous week, an outlook on the coming week, and some news reports. There is an annual round table featuring top names in the investment industry, and the annual report on the top trading firms will make any investor really happy.


MarketWatch is a financial site that provides business analysis, news and data about the stock market. In addition, the website offers its users access to financial research, advice and tools for investors. VirtualStockExchange.com and BigCharts.com are other two websites owned by the same firm that owns MarketWatch. There is also a radio network which the company uses to give updates every 30 minutes. The site also offers many subscription services such as ETF Trader and Retirement Weekly. Media Week and other leading publications have honored MarketWatch several times as a top business publication.


SeekingAlpha is a crowd sourced site catering to financial markets. The content of the website is very good at predicting the future behavior of a particular stock, according to a recent study. The research and articles cover a wide range of asset classes, stocks, ETFs and investment strategies. The website’s content is written by both industry experts and contributor investors, which makes this financial site stand out from the crowd.

Want to Know how to Become a Stock Broker?

If interested in becoming a stock broker yourself and learning about what kind of stock broker salary you might receive, then visit www.stockbrokersalary.biz to find that information and more. You’ll get details on what it’ll take to become a stock broker and also learn about scholarships that may be available if deciding to go to school for this profession. You can also find ways a stock broker can increase their commissions if you’re interested in becoming more profitable in this career.

If you have been looking for information on the best financial sites to invest in the stock market, you need to take advantage of the sites mentioned above. These sites are famous for delivering the results investors are seeking in today’s turbulent world economy.

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Christian Couple Refuse to Photograph Gay Wedding

What happens when you feel that your business is making you do things that are against your personal beliefs?. This is a question that faced Nang and Chris Mai who own a photography business named Urloved photography operating in Novato, California. For them they opted for closing their wedding photography services in order for them to avoid offering their services to gay weddings. This is a decision that was made by the christian couple made after one of their clients, a man from San Francisco, complained on their Facebook page that Urloved had refused to offer them photography services because the wedding was on a gay setting and that instead Mai referred them to another photographer. In their defense Nang and Chris said that the incidence had made them think about how their beliefs intersected with their business practices.

The question of morality and Christianity and how these two aspects should have an effect on how we conduct our business comes up when we look at the Urlove photography’s case. the proprietors are strong believers who believe that when they capture photographs during weddings, they not only take images of the wedding couple but also the couples love and commitment for each other.

There were instances where numerous threats and hate calls were given to the company. In reference to the christian teachings on marriage, marriage is a holy union which should take place when a man finds the perfect woman for him and its a representation of love between two people of opposite sex. To prevent them from doing things that were not in line with the teaching the couple closed the wedding photography line of their business.

In their website, Nang and Chris Mai explained to their clients that the only reason that made them refer the client from San Fransisco to another photographer is that they wanted to have someone who share common believes and guaranteed them of the best services at their big day that is the wedding.

Many may see the move as a business threatening decision but to the couple its more about what you believe as opposed to the gains you get in doing things that are against your believes such as offering their services in gay weddings. This was a broad decision to make and only time will tell if it was a wise decision or not based on the comments that people will make after coming to terms with the story as it develops.

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The American Humanist Association Brings Lawsuit Concerning ‘Under God’ In The Pledge

Even though the Pledge of Allegiance was written back in 1892, the words “under God” were not included until 1954, since then, there has been a variety of cases were individuals who do not believe in a higher power, have expressed their disdain for the fact that, the phrase was included in the Pledge of Allegiance. As Americans become more diverse, pertaining to their religious beliefs, a family from New Jersey has filed a lawsuit on the grounds that they believed that their child’s atheist belief was being discriminated by the school district because of the fact that his school performs a daily citation of the pledge which includes the words “under God”.

Due to the nature of the case, the identities of the family and the child has not been disclosed but, the family who is filling the lawsuit is being represented by David Noise, an attorney of the American Humanist Association, an organization that aims to protects the rights of individuals who do not believe in a higher power. David proclaimed on a hearing last Wednesday that “Harm is occurring everyday the state is invalidating the plaintiff’s religious class.” In response to David’s proclamation, the Superior Court Judge David Bauman responded by saying that the state’s school district does not require its students to say the pledge and when the ceremony of citing the pledge is being conducted, students have a choice on whether or not they wish to participate. He also proclaimed that the lawsuit has no grounds simply based on the fact that there wasn’t any evidence that the child in particular was bullied or ostracized into saying the pledge or mistreated for his/her refusal to do so. He also mentioned that if students did refuse to say the pledge, the district’s policy requires the parent of that individual to furnish an explanation in writing.

District attorney, David Rubin proclaimed that if the lawsuit was to move forward, it would be similar to an individual who filed a lawsuit simply because they had to take the day off for their religious beliefs while the school stayed open for other students. And while the Superior Court Judge did not issue a ruling on the district’s motion to dismiss the case but intends to do so promptly, he proclaimed that the phrase under God should not be considered as a discriminatory statement, because it doesn’t mention a specific god. In closing, David made a strong argument that, the state conducted exercise isn’t similar to controversial classes such as Biology or sex education, he proclaimed that it’s an exercise that was designed not to belittle or empower religion in particular, but to instill and define patriotism.


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What Should Bill Cosby Do Now?

As a beloved comedian and TV personality Bill Cosby has charmed audiences for decades. However, it was just recently that the comedian faces significant allegations of rape. Over 10 women have come forward, providing their stories from various times in Cosby’s long career. This news has caused many people to wonder, what should Bill Cosby do now that he’s been outed as a rapist?

If you’ve been following the story and news cycle, then you’ve noticed that the comedian has not addressed any of these rumors. While his lawyers continue to deny allegations of rape, legal action should be expected against the actor. However, the news of Cosby’s sexual offenses does not come as a surprise. The actor and comedian has experienced similar accusations throughout his career, but no attention was paid to these women before. It’s only as more and more women began sharing their stories that the public and media took note.

These women’s lives have been changed forever by their experiences and admitting his guilt along with asking for forgiveness may seem like a shallow gesture to some. However, this is the first step that Bill Cosby must make if he ever hopes to make amends for his actions. He can never undo his actions, but this does not mean that he should not take steps to state his remorse and ask for forgiveness. Most of the women who have come forward state that they still carry the scars of their experience. Having their pain acknowledged is a small but significant step towards moving forward with their lives. So, while others may not call for Bill Cosby to take this step, it is important.

While Cosby cannot undo the damage that he’s done, he can use his influence and voice to help women from experiencing rape ever again. There are many organizations around the country designed to help women who have been victims of sexual abuse. Cosby should support these organizations and put a significant amount of effort into allowing women who have been raped to have resources and the help that they need to recover.

The women who have kept silent for so long were silent victims, but they are now calling Cosby to account for his actions. As more women are stepping forward with their stories, Cosby should take their accusations seriously and being to take steps to show the public and these women remorse for his actions.

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The the Pro’s and Con’s to Obama’s Amnesty Executive Action?

In one of the most important speeches in recent years, President Barack Obama made an announcement that he plans on using executive actions on the issue of immigration reform. The announcement came during his nationally televised address that took place in the White House on Thursday, 20th of November 2014. In it, the President presented his plan on the relaxation of the immigration policy enforced by the US which will directly affect up to 5 million people in the country. He also announced that he will sign more than one executive orders which will have the power to allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the U.S. without fearing the possibility of deportation. With that in mind, what are the Pro’s and Con’s to Obama’s Amnesty Executive Action?

The impact of the executive orders will be mostly felt by parents and generally young undocumented immigrants. A big pro for the decision lies in the long term and the decades to come. Because of this decision, a lot more people who are willing to work for a better life in the U.S. will have a chance of finding better jobs. At the same time, the younger ones will be able to receive a better education. All this means that those persons will receive a better chance when it comes to their social mobility.

As the American history shows, dating back to the early 19th century, the entire country can benefit from the influx of a young population willing to both work and study for a better life. They can then become the engine that drives forth broader benefits, like new job opportunities, which will be felt by the rest of the U.S. population.

Unfortunately, in the immediate future the President’s executive action brings many potential problems that will arise. Republican leaders are furious about this measure, and have publicly shown a readiness to oppose it. Although currently there is no unified response from the GOP, many of them plan on different measures to fight the President. These include calls for from blocking any new laws in Congress and even a government shutdown like the one seen few years ago in Washington, DC. Whatever they might be, it is most likely that the American people will feel their impact on their everyday lives. Also, some out of those 5 million will surely try to use the system to their advantage and try to turn it into a path to citizenship.

In spite of this, President Barack Obama looks set to signs these orders, which will go into effect staring on 1st of January 2015. Although it will not grant any legal status, the executive orders would allow these immigrants to receive work permits and help them avoid deportation. Until the more certain success of this decision can be seen, the U.S. will have to prepare for the political backlash that will definitely come from the Republican side.

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